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Direct Engagement by Clients

Pre-retainer interview
Roger D. McConchie will meet with a prospective client and discuss potential representation on a no-charge, no-obligation basis. In that meeting, he will discuss in a general way the legal issues arising from the prospective client's circumstances and describe the advice and litigation services this firm can offer.

McConchie Law Corporation is prepared to provide advice and litigation services directly to individuals, corporations, societies and other legal entities on the basis of a written retainer agreement. To obtain a copy of the standard retainer agreement, please
contact McConchie Law Corporation.

The terms of the retainer agreement with a new client may be negotiable and may be customized to meet the client's particular circumstances and needs.

Ordinarily, the terms of the retainer agreement will provide that fees will be calculated on an hourly-rate basis but in special circumstances other arrangements such as a fixed fee may be possible.

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direct engagement

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